Rania El Ahmadi at the WES Leadership TOT

Last week, 26 trainers from 13 WES Centers gathered in Hammamet, Tunisia for a Leadership Training of Trainers (TOT) led by WES Master Trainer Ms. Ahlem Ghazouani.

The WES Leadership curriculum focuses on the following elements:

• Communication;
• Vision, purpose and strategy;
• Adaptation to the environment and creation of wealth and opportunities;
• Creativity and initiative; and
• Organizational and business management methodologies.

Rania El Ahmadi and Afaf Zaddem, two WES trainers who participated in the Leadership TOT, shared their individual reflections. Rania discusses the role of WES in helping her to become a leader, support women entrepreneurs and positively influence the development of Tunisia. Afaf focuses her reflection on the impact the training had on her personal and professional growth, as well as the importance of the WES Leaderships curriculum in supporting women entrepreneurs.

My WES Experience

In life, we always have the choice to become a leader, as no one is born a leader, but becomes one. Yes, we each become a leader; but the opportunity must be presented to become one. With WES, I had that chance. My adventure with this program began in June 2012 and, since then, I have seen my dreams come true, ambitions grow and professional status asserted.

Being a trainer has always attracted me. Even though I am an engineer, WES has allowed me to explore this skill and open new horizons with other organizations and institutions. I will always remember the day I had my interview to become a trainer/consultant with ANETI (National Agency for Employment and Independent Labor). I talked about my WES experience and all the important work we do as a part of the program. Personally, I consider the WES team like a family that has always given me the energy to move forward and give the best of myself for the betterment of women, society and Tunisia. And even if the training are limited in time, I have no doubt of the sustainability of the program’s goals and vision.

Thriving by helping others thrive, being fulfilled through the fulfillment of others, being a leader of one’s own life and career – that’s what I’ve experienced with WES. This program has allowed me to discover how one can grow with the help of, and through helping, others.

-Rania El Ahmadi

To what extent may we grow through a training program?

Ms. Ahlem Ghazouani’s talent as a coach, her personality and, particularly, her positive attitude during the WES Leadership training made it an unforgettable experience for me and one, “without which, I would not have taken the leap to carry out my personal mission of joy and pleasure while also inspiring women in my community to do the same.”

I have gained a lot from the training, especially in aligning my emotional and technical skills to advance my role as the director of, and a trainer at, the UNFT WES Center in Kairouan. The content and activities during the training imparted different methodological, strategic and communication skills and were transmitted in a fluid and dynamic manner.

The WES program model of planning a learning process and reinforcing the trainers’ capacities is a real strategic choice for the support of women entrepreneurs.

Finally, a nod to all the participants from the WES Centers in the 11 regions with whom I’ve shared moments of compassion and positive energy.

-Afaf Zaddem