WES is pleased to announce the 36 winners of the 3rd Round of the WES Business Award. The winners are emerging and established women entrepreneurs who benefited from training and coaching at 12 WES Centers for Women’s Business Development across Tunisia. Each winner received seed funds to help her launch or expand her business.

Profiles of the WES Business Award winners are listed by WES Center:

Horizons Kef

  • Najoua Trabelsi

Najoua Trabelsi’s dream is to run a French restaurant in downtown Kef since the culture of Tunisia is heavily rooted in French traditions. She is an active, motivated and patient woman. The WES center supported Najoua by providing her with training in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Financial Education. The WES award will help her to open her new restaurant.

  • Amira Abidi

Amira Abid is 32 years old and a graduate in documentation management and archives from the Institute of Science. Amiradecided to launch her own business to gain financial independence. Her business, Café Abidi, provides a space where customers can relax and read newspapers and magazines. The space offers a delightful environment where visitors can meet, chat and relax while enjoying fine food and delicious drinks. Amira participated in the entrepreneurship training organized by Horizons Kef WES Center where she developed her business plan. Amira will use the WES Business Award funds to decorate the space and create a new website.

  • Wafa Messaoudi

Wafa Messaoudi launched her business in order to become more active in her community. With the support of WES, Wafa prepared her business plan for a Garderie (nursery) during the entrepreneurship training at the Horizons WES Center. She developed this business plan after realizing the increasing demand for childcare in her native region of Kef since many parents need to work. Her business now enables her to interact with people on a regular basis. Garderie les abeilles will offer quality services that seek to deepen children’s understanding of Tunisian cultural traditions. This nursery business will target families who have one parent who is currently employed while the other parent is busy seeking employment.


  • Torkia Ben Mehrez

Torkia Ben Mehrez is 33 years old and holds a PhD in Biology. Torkia is launching a business for agricultural products that will focus on transforming butternut squash  to jam and juice, and pumpkin seeds to oil. Torkia’s objective in the few next years is to generate 1750TND per day. Fathia will use the WES award to buy raw materials for the next season.

  • Houda Rhibi

Houda Rhibi’s business started with a childhood dream. After growing up with an interest in fashion, Houda studied fashion and design for three years as an adult. Subsequently, she did a training that focused on creating patterns using software. Houda also participated  in the entrepreneurship program at the TAMSS WES Center. She launched a new business making and renting women’s dresses. Since launching her business, she moved to a new space, which has greatly increased the number of clients.

  • Mouna Klai

Several years ago, Mouna Klai started a small home-based business making dresses. She received a small loan from a microfinance NGO in Tunis to expand her business. To enhance her knowledge of business, Mouna contacted the TAMSS WES Center where she received entrepreneurship training from professional coaches. Following the training, she prepared her business plan and changed her marketing and communication strategies. These changes led to impressive results as she was able to increase her revenue and the number of clients. The WES business award will help her to buy new equipment in order to satisfy the increased demands.

ADDCI Zarzis

  • Hanen Safi

Hanen’s objective is to launch an educational center for students between the ages of 6 and 18 years old that offers private lessons for students to improve their skills. The center will offer extra services like theater, music and swimming lessons. The award will be used to support the launch of her business.

  • Asma Hnid

“[This is] the fate of which I dreamed” said Asma Hnid. Her childhood passion guided her to pastry training that lasted one year. During that time, she improved what she was previously taught. Support from her mother also allowed her to realize her dream. She started working in her mom’s workshop producing different kinds of pastry. What makes Asma’s product different is the high quality of raw materials she uses and the after sale services, which include Asma calling her clients to check if they are satisfied with the purchases. Asma will use the award to buy raw materials for her business.

  • Mahjouba Bourguiba

Mahjouba Bourguiba received training in entrepreneurship, leadership and financial education from the ADDCI WES Center. As a widow from Zarzis, she needed a way to support herself. She launched her business creating and selling traditional clothes for women. Mahjouba wants to use the WES award to expand her business and reach a higher number of clients. She will rent a new space in the tourist area in order to attract new customers.

UNFT Kairouan

  • Nabila Khadi

Nabila Khadi holds a university degree in law. Her father is a farmer. She decided to switch her activities and launch a business producing coffee from dates. Nabila’s idea is innovative as she wants to produce raw materials for the coffee industry. The award will help her to buy packaging.

  • Fatma Ghrissi

Fatma Ghrissi is a 26-year-old entrepreneur who launched a business to produce fodder from palm trees. Her business will address the problem of a lack of fodder in the region. The business will also help to improve the waste of palm components. Fatma will use the award to gather raw materials.

  • Amel Ben Said

Amel started breeding geese with her mother since she is from a rural area. Amel received training in entrepreneurship at the UNFT Kairouan WES Center. She wants to launch her business breeding and commercializing geese in Tunisia. She will use the award to buy geese in the appropriate season to produce eggs.

ACG Sfax

  • Raida Bouaicha

Raida Bouaicha launched her enterprise with limited resources in March 2015. For her business, she prepares butter from dried fruit that will be distributed to small suppliers and supermarkets. She explains that the butter is healthier than regular butter and intended for babies, the elderly and adults. Raida will use the award to procure a product-measuring device and a mixer.

  • Monia Mechim

Monia Mechim is a young university graduate. She is developing a business for organic compost production through the enhancement of agricultural waste. The enterprise will have a positive environmental impact since it will repurpose waste that could be a source of pollution.

  • Fedia Cherif

Fedia, an ACG WES Center graduate, is launching her new company for home services that will include household cleaning, gardening, security and home assistance. The value added of the activity is the use of new technologies including steam cleaning equipment. The company also offers other services such as the organization of private events. The WES award will be used to procure office equipment and launch a website.

ADGS Gafsa

  • Haifa Ben Nasra

Haifa Ben Nasra is a graduate of entrepreneurship and leadership from the ADGS WES Center. She is launching her company to extract gas from  palm tree waste. Haifa’s client will be the STEG (Tunisian Company for Gas and Electricity). The WES business award will serve to cover the fees of transportation of the palm waste  during the activity startup.

  • Fathia Oun

Fathia has many years of experience producing artisanal products. Fathia participated in entrepreneurship training at the WES Center in Gafsa in order to learn more about becoming a successful entrepreneur. The WES award will enable her to expand her activities and procure raw materials.

  • Saloua Kacem

Saloua has many years of experience producing handicrafts. Saloua participated in entrepreneurship training at a WES Center in Gafsa in order to learn more about becoming a successful entrepreneur.  The WES award will help herbuy materials to expand her products.

AJD Beja

  • Wassila Balti

Wassila Balti is a graduate from the AJD Beja WES Center in entrepreneurship. Wassila has a diploma in IT but she could not find a job. She started her own business several years ago designing different kinds of jewelry for women. The award will assist her to expand her production.

  • Saoussan Jemai

Saoussan has a lot of experience producing pastries in Beja. Her products are unique. She wants to launch a training center for pastry making. She will use the award to rent a space for the center and launch a communications campaign.

  • Faten Haddad

Faten is a mother of two. She runs a business making dresses for her community. She explains that her neighbors like her products a lot. She wants to expand her business and the award will help her to buy a new machine so she can satisfy the increasing demands.

Youth and Skills Bizerte

  • Soukayna Yomni

Soukayna’s idea is to create a network of women workers and others who are at home. This network will offer jobs for the unemployed women. This is a need for the women in her community and will serve as a good opportunity for exchanging ideas. Soukayna will develop a database of women and jobs and offer services for them. The WES award will enable her to begin implementing her idea.

  • Awatef Wenzerfi

Awatef is a home-based entrepreneur who makes delicious pastries to sell to her community. Recently she participated in training on entrepreneurship organized by the Bizerte WES Center. During the training, Awatef developed her business plan and now has a clear idea about how to better approach her business. Awatef’s goal is to earn 5,000 TND this year and 7,000 TND the following year. To reach this goal, she will use the award funds to procure raw materials and equipment.

  • Aicha Jelassi

Aicha Jelassi started her business several years ago at home. She is producing artisanal products for decoration. Her objective is to have a bigger space where she can display her products. The award will be used to rent a space and recruit two women to help her during this summer with the large demand she has for her products.

Optima Syphax

  • Mejda Elloumi

Mejda’s passion allowed her to create her enterprise, ETS – Electronic & Technology Solutions in 2013. She is designing and producing electrical components for buildings. Mejda was interested in the Leadership training in Optima WES Center. After the training, Mejda was able to present the proposals during meetings. The award will help her to launch a communications campaign for her company.

  • Mouna Abid

Mouna Abid’s is producing decorative household crafts that relate to Tunisian heritage after she learned this trade during her studies. Mouna’s creations are unique and innovative. The WES award will help her to promote her products and print communications.

  • Kalthoum Triki

Kalthoum Triki is producing interior decorations. Kalthoum has many problems with the commercialization of her products, so she participated with the Optima WES Center’s entrepreneurship and Social Media trainings. After these trainings, she was able to increase her client base. Kalthoum will use the award to procure raw materials to meet her production demands.

NOOR Tataouine

  • Fatma Rhouma

Fatma Rhouma is a 40-year-old mother of three who runs a small home-based business making and selling spices. Fatma’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged when she was just 12 years old as she used to help her mother earn money for the family by selling homemade products. Fatma’s dream is to expand her spice business and move to the formal sector, which will allow her to export her products.

  • Manel Ghaffari

Manel’s natural artistic abilities have transformed into a growing business. After she decided to take a break from her studies, Manel began taking her hobby of drawing more seriously. She now works as an entrepreneur creating and selling pottery, drawings and paintings. Manel will use the award to expand her business by buying more materials and renovating her workspace.

  • Soumaya Rhoumi

Soumaya Rhoumi, an ambitious and talented 23-year-old, already has five years of experience working in the pastry industry. With this experience, she is ready to launch her own brand of Tunisian pastries. The award will give her the resources she needs to grow her business and sell delicious treats to her nearby communities.

La Ruche Tozeur

  • Fathia Arfaoui

Fathia Arfaoui is responsible for a family with three kids. She participated in several trainings in entrepreneurship where she developed her business skills. Fathia had the chance to also participate in many expositions in Tozeur, her native region. She launched her own business producing date jam, a product with high demand in Tunisia and abroad. Fathia will use the award to buy an oven and raw materials.

  • Henda Tlili

Henda is a 50-year-old woman and a proud graduate from the Tozeur WES center where she received entrepreneurship training. Her dream was to have a quiet life with her family. In 2015, her life changed when she decided to launch her own business. First, she participated in several trainings and then developed her business plan with the support of the WES center.  Henda produces different products using the Cyperus Laevigatus plant, a local plant. She will use the award money to procure a big quantity of raw materials since this plant is available only during the summer months.

  • Arij Omrane

At the young age of 18, Arij Omrane is already a role model in her community as a businesswoman. She left school at the age of 11 to help her mother make pastries at home. Arij came to the Tozeur WES center where she found herself supported by the trainers. She learned through the different WES modules how to launch her own formal business selling pastries. Arij participated in the WES business award with a lot of self-confidence. The award will help her to move to a new space and procure raw materials.

NOUR Sousse

  • Saida Fattouch

Saida Fattouch, a WES Sousse graduate, is preparing to launch her new entertainment business. She plans to market her services to working moms who are not satisfied with the school clubs. Her idea is to create a space for kids with different kinds of clubs and workshops such as jewelry making, bio cosmetics, cooking, floral art, and painting.

  • Rim Ghzayel

“Everybody needs a pillow, but we are going to offer a special one,” said Rim Ghzayel, a WES Sousse graduate before launching her new product called Pillow anti mite. The product will be unique in Tunisia since it offers a very nice design, soft or firm options, anti-heat and antiperspirant.

  • Amira Cherif

The economic environment in Tunisia is growing. For this reason, Amira Cherif started her new business called “LET’S FLY,” an agency specializing in web design and software development. The business provides online multimedia solutions for businesses and individuals.