ceramista for blog postRecently, WES staff had the privilege of interviewing Amal Khemakhem, the founder of Céramista and a WES Business Award winner. Using her experience and education in the field of ceramics, Amel launched her own business in Sfax, Tunisia which allowed her to become financially independent. Her company specializes in creating decorative ceramics, such as gift boxes for weddings and births. The only thing she was missing in order to expand her business was a marketing strategy.

At a trade show in Sfax, Amal learned about the services offered by WES from staff at the Optima Syphax WES Center. Thrilled about the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship, Amal decided to sign up for WES trainings. Since then, Amal has been trained in entrepreneurship and social media. “The social media training really helped me develop a marketing strategy and gave me ideas to increase the number of people who like my Facebook page,” she explained. For example, one week she hosted a contest, an idea she learned during the training, and attracted 500 more fans.

In addition to training, the Optima Syphax WES Center helps women entrepreneurs with their business plans and organizes fairs for the entrepreneurs to display their products or services. Amal used these services to reach her objectives and increase her sales.

Since her training, Amal and her friend Mouna, another WES entrepreneur, became responsible for the WES network. The network aims to create a space for the exchange of good practices and collaboration between women entrepreneurs in Tunisia. In Sfax, the network is very active and offers various opportunities for members such as lunches followed by discussions, events that promote each other’s businesses, and movies and debates about women’s rights. When asked what advice she could share with other women entrepreneurs, she said “we have to persevere and to never give up.” Amal reminds aspiring entrepreneurs that, “one should not be afraid of failure as even the greatest business leaders have failed before succeeding.” In addition, she recommends to never hesitate  asking for help and to contact organizations, such as the WES Centers, that provide training and support to develop a business.

For Amal, the future includes more WES training and activities, constantly working at improving her products and the expansion of her business through a strengthened marketing strategy.

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