Nearly five years ago, Boutheina experienced several life changing events including the birth of her first child, the death of a close family member, and graduation from an intensive English language studies program. Seeking to shift her focus, Boutheina decided to turn her favorite pastime – jewelry design – into a business.

In 2013, Boutheina founded the luxury jewelry brand and Tunis-based high-end boutique Hamasset Fannia (Artistic Whispers). Hamasset Fannia is a family-run business with five employees. Boutheina designs jewelry and oversees marketing, while other family members manage finances and business administration, manufacture jewelry, and coordinate sales. Through her business practices, Boutheina is committed to supporting regional economic development by ensuring that many of the raw materials for her jewelry, including silver, amber and pearls, are sourced within Tunisia.

Boutheina aspires for Hamasset Fannia to expand beyond Tunis, with hopes of opening additional storefronts in Sousse, Sfax, and in the south of Tunisia. Eventually, she would like to reach an international market. To gain the necessary skillset and confidence to grow her business, Boutheina participated in the Entrepreneurship training at the TAMSS WES Center in Tunis. WES Center staff supported Boutheina to develop a business plan to prepare for this expansion and encouraged her to apply for a WES Business Award. Boutheina won the award and used the funds to purchase raw materials and attend several international jewelry design fairs.

Boutheina’s role as an entrepreneur has led to some shifts in family responsibilities. For example, when Boutheina dedicates long hours to the boutique, her husband and children spend more time tending to household needs. Boutheina has overcome additional challenges to ensure her business’ success by never losing sight of her dreams, staying true to her passions, and nurturing her own personal growth. She encourages other women entrepreneurs to never give up and to always explore their passions.

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