WES Business Award - winners

WES Business Award

Through the WES Business Award competition in 2014-2016, WES awarded seed grants to over 115 women to launch or expand businesses.

Winners were selected by an independent committee based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of Vision: Applicant has a clear vision/plan for her business. She can clearly explain what she wants to do with her business and has a realistic plan for how she will use the Award funds to start or expand a business within the 6 months following the award.
  • Market Opportunity: There is proven demand for the applicant’s product/service in the region. The applicant has a well thought-out plan to market and respond to the demand for her product/service.
  • Profitability and Financial Feasibility: There is a demonstrated understanding of the financial requirements of starting or expanding a business. The applicant is clear about her potential revenue and profits and the plan seems to be financially feasible and profitable.
  • Management Capability: The applicant has the management and entrepreneurial qualities and skills to successfully launch or expand a business.

Preference is given to those applicants whose business clearly has the potential to grow and provide employment for others in the community.


WES Business Award Winner Highlights

Selection Committee Members

Members of the Selection Committee

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