Five women in front of WES banner

WES Center Services

WES Centers for Women’s Business Development provide the following business development services to support women entrepreneurs to launch and expand businesses:


Training Modules

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Plan Development
  • Financial Education
  • Marketing
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Leadership
  • Business Management

Business Development Services

  • Access to Financial Services
  • Tailored Coaching
  • Expert Mentoring
  • Network of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Market Assessment
  • Business Model Development

To learn more about specific services, contact the WES Center in your region.


WES-Up Logo

Accelerator and Business Growth Initiative

WES-Up, an accelerator and business growth initiative, offers women entrepreneurs a path to business growth. Through one-on-one coaching, technical assistance, strategic growth planning and networking opportunities, women entrepreneurs reach new markets, forge partnerships, develop products or services, and access financial resources. Select entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to make a pitch to venture capitalists and other potential funders to obtain further funding.
WES-Up is offered at WES business development centers in Bizerte, Kef, Tunis, Sfax, Kairouan, Gafsa, Tozeur, Zarzis and Tataouine. Of note, the WES Center in Sfax has a particular focus on supporting women’s entrepreneurship in STEM fields.
Please contact the WES Center in your region to learn more about WES-Up and how to apply.