WES Center Team Members

Association of the Continuity of Generations (ACG) in Sfax

Director, ACG WES Center

Sabrine is currently the director of the WES center located at the Association of the Continuity of Generations (ACG) in Sfax. She also works as an administrative officer at ACG. Sabrine is dynamic and motivated, and acquired the necessary qualities of listening and understanding during her first professional experience. She worked on several projects, including the “Personal development of young Tunisian graduates,” “Women clam pickers and their rights,” “Local governance and integrated management of the clam sector,” and the “Project to enable women to benefit more equitably from agri-food value chains.”

Sabrine has participated in the election oversight and was chosen to be the representative of her district in the municipality of Chihia. She is also passionate about moderating discussions and has hosted the internal radio “Sawt el Wafa” (the voice of loyalty) at the youth center for four years. Sabrine has also participated in the organization of several events including the fiftieth edition of the Sfax International Fair, protection against marine pollution with the collaboration of the UN Information Center, and health caravans.

Co-Director, ACG WES Center

Emna is the co-director of the WES program at ACG and is a biology engineer. Emna has been working with ACG since 2015 where she has been the coordinator of several projects including women’s economic and citizenship advancement, partnership in the local community of Ghraiba, a player in the preservation of the marine biodiversity of the Kneiss Islands, and FMM, enabling women to benefit more equitably from agri-food value chains. She is currently the project monitoring and evaluation manager at ACG. Before joining ACG, Emna was the founder and general secretary of the agri-food engineers club (CIA) at the national engineering school in Sfax (ENIS).

Trainer, ACG WES Center

Hana is the WES program trainer at ACG. She holds a degree in accounting and a Master of Research in Entrepreneurship. She has previously held the role of financial manager at ACG where she strengthened her knowledge of administrative management procedures and accounting follow-up, and management and negotiation skills with partners. She has been the financial manager of several projects including the local community of Ghraiba, an actor in the preservation of the marine biodiversity of the Kneiss Islands. She has been active in civil society, as a volunteer and rescuer of the Tunisian Red Crescent since 2011. Hana has represented Tunisia in several international events related to women and entrepreneurship including participation in the 6th course of the African Union in “Gender and Economic Decision Making Concerned with the Needs of Women and Men in Africa” (Addis Ababa, 2013), the “Workshop on trade and the value chain for SME women in Africa” (Nairobi, 2015), the B2B meeting between Turkish businesswomen and African businesswomen (Istanbul, 2015 ), and the “International Relations and Diplomatic Practice” course at Clingendeal Netherland Institute of International Relations (The Hague, 2017).

Hana is passionate about fencing and cycling, and has completed a bike trek from Sfax to Grenoble.

Association for the Development of the South of Gafsa (ADGS)

Director, ADGS WES Center

Hanen holds a Doctorate in Marketing and has been the Director of the WES Center at the Association of Development in South Gafsa (ADGS) since March 2017. Hanen is also currently a master technologist and director of the department of economics and management at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies (ISET) in Gafsa. She has also been a member of the jury for the recruitment of technology teachers at the ISET 2015 session.

As an entrepreneurial expert at the business incubator, Hanen has led several training courses for project promoters and has accompanied these project leaders in the realization of their business plans. She has also conducted several training courses for senior and middle managers of the Gafsa Phosphates Company, Tunisian Post Office staff and several other administrations. Since 2011, Hanen has been the head of the Undertake Club at ISET Gafsa established under the partnership between ISET and Mercy Corps.  Hanen is also a National Consultant with CEFE International and is certified in Online Training Engineering with the Virtual University of Tunis.

Director and Coach, ADGS WES Center

An Application Engineer in Production Management, Sonia began her career in the development field in 2000 with ADGS as a manager in micro credit and then as executive director. In 2011, she took a pre-creation certificate with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) for jobseekers. Sonia has directed the WES Gafsa center for four years and has been a coach since November 2016. In September 2013 she took the post of president of the Executive Board of MEPI Alumni in Tunisia for a mandate of three years. She also became certified in coaching and training of trainers with Mercy Corps, Search, USIP, in the field of entrepreneurship, communication and national dialogue. In 2014 Sonia took the title of leader in entrepreneurship at the national level with the American Islamic Congress with the GREEN OASIS project in Tunisia. In 2015 she took the title of leader in entrepreneurship with a project of social entrepreneurship in Algeria. In 2015, Sonia’s project with Green Oasis was selected among the best 30 projects in the world with Geother Institute. In 2016 she was certified with ACIM in Coaching and accompaniment of women entrepreneurs, and became treasurer of a mutual society of agricultural service and manager of a company. In 2017, Sonia became head of the project Horra Wa Faâla (Free and Active), a shelter and listening group of women who are victims of violence, and became a national consultant with CEFE International.

Sonia currently works as a consultant and independent coach with the entrepreneurs, social and solidarity, authorities and ministries for local governance and regional development, the accompaniment of the promoters and entrepreneurs with the programs of the state BADER “Article 6,” with BFPME, BTS, and FORSATI program, ANETTI and enrolled in Master ” social development strategy “.

Trainer, ADGS WES Center
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Hayfa holds a master’s degree in management and creation of SMEs and is enrolled in a master’s degree in social development strategy. Hayfa began her career in civil society field in 2009, when she participated in several programs with ADGS and participated in the activities of Green Oasis in 2013.

Hayfa was a Facilitator in Advocacy Techniques with the International Republic Institute (IRI) and Conflict Management with “UNDP” in 2013. In 2014, she taught at ISET Gafsa and then left teaching for a legal position and litigation at ATB.

In 2016, Hayfa left the bank to return to ADGS and also became a trainer in the HP Life Program. Hayfa has been a trainer at the WES Gafsa Center since October 2016, and has also been a National Consultant with CEFE International, Financial and Administrative Assistant of the project “Horra wa Faâla (Free and active), coach and accompaniment of promoters and entrepreneurs with BADER state programs” Article 6 ” with the BFPME and FORSATI programs with ANETTI, and Facilitator in the PIC municipal investment program for two communes.

Association Horizons Kef

Director, Horizons WES Center

Randa holds a master’s degree in finance and banking and is currently a doctoral researcher in economics on the theme of “asymmetric information and credit rationing” at the Paris Dauphine University.

Randa began her career with the Kef Horizons Association for Integral Development (Horizons) as Project Manager for the promotion of rural women’s groups for food security and income generation in Tunisia (PFR). In 2015, she joined the WES Kef team, as a specialized trainer in Entrepreneurship, and then became Director of the WES Kef Center. She is currently taking classes in agriculture. Randa speaks Arabic, French and English.

Seifeddine ZOUARI
Trainer and Coach, Horizons WES Center

Seifeddine is licensed in web development and is currently an Administrative and Logistics Manager at the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT). Seifeddine has developed websites for national and international associations and organizations based in Tunisia. As a Trainer in human rights, he is very active in the civil society of Kef and is a member of the collective Young Actor of Change and Development. Seifeddine is among the founders of Horizons, which hosts the WES Kef Center and is part of its team as a Trainer and Coach.

Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability (TAMSS) SFAX

Director, STEM WES Center

Dalel Krichen is the Director of TAMSS SFAX (Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability). TAMSS is a community development organization whose mission is to contribute to the economic and social integration of vulnerable populations.

Dalel is also the Director of the Wes in STEM Center and works closely with women to help them achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Dalel is the President of Women Democracy Network Tunisia chapter.  She champions the cause of women’s empowerment and political participation. She works to integrate gender equality in institutions, programs and laws. She is equally in charge of programs ensuring that women have a real voice in their family affairs, in the public sphere and in the political arena.

Dalel is also a former member of the Tunisian parliament.

Dalel is a native of Sfax, she is a civil engineer and graduated from Washington University (Saint Louis, MO) and works as the technical director of the TAPARURA project. Dalel served as a general secretary in the board of Tunisian engineers in Sfax and set various programs to encourage female students to choose technical fields and help young women engineers to get jobs and succeed in their careers.

Dalel is married and mother of two daughters.

Trainer, STEM WES Center

Rania is an engineer agronomist by training, a fan of civil society work, and an active member in several associations. Rania found her vocation for training and consulting in entrepreneurship in 2012 with the WES program. In 2013, she also joined the body of business creation facilitators with the national employment agency, ANETI. Passionate about the business world, Rania has not stopped developing her field of expertise, ranging from coaching to creation, management and development of a company to training sessions in communication, leadership, conflict management, financial education and digital marketing strategies. Her only motto is: “I do not try to overtake others, I just want to get ahead of myself”.

NOUR Tataouine Association

Project Assistant, NOUR WES Center

Leila is an Agronomist Engineer and has a master’s degree in sustainable agriculture. She has outstanding knowledge and skills in the field of rural and agricultural economics and project management. Leila began her professional career in October 2016 with the WES program as Project Assistant at the Tataouine WES Center.

Director, NOUR WES Center

Affifa graduated with a degree in business administration.  She started her career in 2010 with an accounting firm. In 2012, she joined the team of the Nour Tataouine Association as Project Coordinator for the “Prevention of irregular migration in Tataouine” funded by the Swiss Cooperation. Afifa has been in charge of training programs at the NOUR raining center since December 2012. From November 2014, Afifa joined the WES program as director of the WES center at Nour Tataouine. In 2015, she led the Nour Tataouine ‘s “Women Investors” project funded by the World Bank in partnership with the Tunisian Union of Social Solidarity (UTSS). Afifa is a Trainer in Leadership, Financial Education, Entrepreneurship and Social Networks.

Afifa is an activist in civil society. She now holds the position of Vice President of the Regional Council of Tataouine Associations (CREAT) in charge of women and family issues.

WES Trainer, NOUR WES Center

Salem is a micro finance engineer, trainer and-coach in Entrepreneurship and facilitator in Communal Investment Plan.

Salem began his professional career as a management teacher at Smar Secondary School in Tataouine. In 2013, he was chosen as head of the Nour Association’s project “Training of careers for home assistance for the elderly and disabled” financed by the World Bank. Afterwards, Salem was appointed coordinator in the “BALADIYATI” (My town hall) project funded by UNDP and carried out by the RRAT (Regional Network of Tataouine Associations), Financial Officer of the project “Valorization of camel milk” financed by the German cooperation and implemented by the Women for Development Association. Salem is also an entrepreneurship trainer with the “Mashrou3i” (My Program) program implemented by UNIDO since March 2016.

In December 2014, Salem joined the WES program as a trainer-coach at the WES Tataouine Center. An activist in civil society, Salem is the president of the Association Employment Prospects, the treasurer of the Regional Network of Associations of Tataouine, member and founding member in several other associations.

Association La Ruche (the hive) of the Active Citizenship of Tozeur

President, Association La Ruche (the hive) of the Active Citizenship of Tozeur

After a long experience in the management of institutions of higher education and scientific research in Tunisia, Salem Ben Salma engaged in civil society life with a group of young administrators by creating the association La Ruche of the Active Citizenship of Tozeur of which he is currently the president.

His dedication to community work and his ultimate beliefs in positive change encouraged him to convert his profession of administration into a consultant and trainer within the regional office of the PASC (Civil Society Support Program) to closely serve governorate associations of Tozeur, Kebili and Gabes since 2014.

Director, La Ruche WES Center

Atef is currently the center director WES Tozeur as well as the executive director of the Association La Ruche of the Active Citizenship of Tozeur, entrepreneur trainer, facilitator in Participatory Budget, trainer in the Build your Business (BYB) program.

He is a member of the regional technical committee in the framework of the project “Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Southern Tunisia.” Atef began his professional career as a trainer and administrator in a private training center, and coordinator of several civil society projects. This diversified experience in the field of entrepreneurship has given him the knowledge and skills to coach young people to start their own businesses.

Communication Officer, Association La Ruche (the hive) of the Active Citizenship of Tozeur

Wissem is a designer, and began his career in the field of human rights in 2012 with the Human Rights Challenge Center through the Arts as the Artistic Director of Challenge Center.

In 2014 he was commissioned to be the director of the Human Rights Challenge Center through the Arts and he led several projects within the association. In February 2015 he worked as the association communications officer at the Citizenship and Digital Culture Association as well as the Communications Manager of the International Forum of the Oasiens Tozeur FIO 2016.

In 2017 Wissem occupies the position of Communications Officer at the Association La Ruche Tozeur.  He has his own business called Box of communication.

Thouraya HEDFI
Assistant, Association La Ruche (the hive) of the Active Citizenship of Tozeur

Thouraya Hedfi is a technician in experimental analytical biology.

She joined the civil society in 2015 as an active member of Tozeur’s Active Citizenship La Ruche Association and later as a supervisor for the Mourakiboun network.

Thourayaa began her professional career as regional office assistant in support of the civil society of Tozeur.  Recently, Thouraya started a new experience in the field of facilitation in the context of the participative budget of the commune of Tozeur and the program “Academy of success in a changing world.”

Trainer and Coach, La Ruche WES Center

Rania Omrane is a young Oasian woman who graduated with a master’s degree in physics of materials from the Faculty of Science of Sfax in 2015 and a degree in physics from the Faculty of Science of Gafsa

She joined the civil society in 2012.Initially, she worked as a volunteer with the Tozeur Active Citizenship La Ruche Association and Mourakiboun (Supervisors) Regional Observer. In 2016, she held the position of supervisor in Mourakiboun, responsible for monitoring observers. In 2015 and 2016, Rania held the position of trainer in mental mathematics in primary school students in the training center of the Academy of Arts and Crafts Tozeur. During the international oasis forum held in October 2016, Rania was in charge of the associative village and the follow-up of women artisans who participated in the economic fair where women exhibit their products for sale. Since joining the WES Tozeur team in 2017, she has expressed her dedication to her work as a trainer coach.

Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability (TAMSS) Tunis

Trainer and Coach, TAMSS WES Center

Trainer and coach in the WES program since November 2012. But, she also provides training in other projects led by TAMSS. In parallel, she holds the position of co-director of the Family Counseling and Orienting Center (CCOF) in Ettadhamen city, in the framework of a partnership agreement between TAMSS and the Ministry of Women and Family, since November 2015. In addition, she worked as an outreach facilitator on Fundamental Rights and the Fight Against Violence Against women, as well as a listening and counseling officer for women victims of violence, as part of the Karama project realized by TAMSS. And in this same area, since March 2017, she has held the position of Head of the listening unit for women victims of violence, as part of the “VIRAGE” project managed by TAMSS.

Before moving to the field of training, she worked for five years in the field of microcredit at the financial institution “Enda-inter Arab”, then for two years within TAMSS as head of the Microcredit department. Fathia holds a master’s degree in Labor Sciences, specialization “Labor Inspection” of the National Institute of Work and Social Studies INTES in Charguia 2.

Director, TAMSS WES Center

Mohamed is the director of the entrepreneurship and events department at TAMSS. He is also founding president of the Tunisian Young Marketers Association as well as the social association “Mashreq’Shems” (The sun’s sunrise).

After obtaining his master’s in marketing at IHEC Carthage, Mohamed Ben Yedder began his professional career as Project Manager at Eolia Group and then as marketing Manager in a Tunisian PMI for two years in which he managed to launch a new market and create a subsidiary abroad. Following this, he specialized in e-commerce and digital marketing working as a consultant in a French consulting company based in Tunis specialized in the implementation of the e-commerce activity on behalf of companies recognized as Maille Club or Interior Furniture. In 2017, Mohamed decided to return to civil society by working for the Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability (TAMSS) – a non-profit community development organization based in Tunis.

Youth & Skills Association Bizerte

Director, Youth and Skills WES Center

Rania is a director, trainer, coach and entrepreneurial consultant.

She was a trainer at the International SCW Program (Sucess in a Changing World in the Middle East and North Africa) and Project Coordinator of the CVE & SSR program within Youth & Skills Association.

After studying Economics and Social Management specializing in the Science of Work, Rania held various positions in the private sector for five years.

After the revolution, she joined the civil society field in which she directed and animated programs (Mojtama3na Tounsi (Our Tunisian society), Misk Elil (the night’s musk), Asrar (secrets),  and in a web radio (Radio Houna El Gasrine (Here is Gasrine) 2012-2014. Following her participation in SFCG’s “Youth & Leadership” program (2012-2016), Rania had an important experience that allowed her to be founder and president of the association JLB (Young Leaders of Bizerte) for four years ( 2013-2017). Rania joined Youth & Skills and the WES team inOctober 2014 and gained new skills in management, leadership, communication following TOTs provided by the WES program. Rania loves nature and the sea and she misses no opportunity to go out for a hike or a swim.

Thouraya Bellahouel
Logistics Manager, Youth and Skills

Thouraya is the communications and logistics manager at the WES Bizerte center, and coordinator in the Youth & Skills Association in Bizerte.

After her BAC, she chose the field of craftsmanship of which she graduated and opened her own business. She had 27 years of business experience.

Four years ago, Thouraya  started working in the civil society sector where she developed her skills in communications, leadership and group work.

Thouraya is a responsible and punctual woman.

Trainer and Coach, Youth and Skills WES Center

Mohamed joined the staff of WES Bizerte in September 2017.
Currently manager at FLP Tunisie, media and marketing manager at the Youth and Skills association, MLM consultant, trainer specialized in Charisma and Oratory Art, Relationship Marketing – Team Building. Mohamed is a trainer in the international program “SCW” (Success in a Changing World in the Middle East and North Africa)

After his marketing studies, Mohamed held various positions in the direct sales sector, mass distribution, B to B and B to C; his experiences allowed him to work as an administrative and financial director in a company specialized in e-commerce and also a manager in a cosmetics production company.

His entrepreneurial vision encouraged Mohamed to be founder and co-founder of three companies in different fields.

The achievements of seven years of experience has made team work and conflict management second nature for Mohamed and he have been an excellent field man.

National Union of Tunisian Women in Kairouan (UNFTK)

Director, UNFTK WES Center

An entrepreneur. She started her career following a degree in Urban Planning and Environment in Tunisia. In 2007, she founded a consulting firm SERVECO specialized in consulting and studies in Environment, Communication and Sustainable Development, with public, private and cooperation agencies: GIZ, SBA-ECOSYS (Switzerland).

She has extensive experience in civil society in the management and implementation of various programs on self-employment, green jobs, environment, waste management (selective sorting and waste recovery), economic empowerment and women’s policy, within the framework of international cooperation programs: EU, UNDP, British Council, IIE, UN Women, OECD, SPARK.

Afaf is also the founder of the Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability Center in Kairouan, President of the CJD (Young Leaders Center) in Kairouan, Treasurer of the National Union of Tunisian Women UNFTK, a focal point for the Civil Society Support Program (Pasc). She is currently working as a Delegate of the Local Democracy Agency (ADL Kairouan Tunisia) and representative of the European Association of Local Democracy (ALDA) in Tunisia.

Trainer and Coach, UNFTK WES Center
LinkedIN : Badra Jlassi
Facebook : Badra Bdr Jlassi

Badra Jlassi, Trainer and instructor for WES UNFT Kairouan. She joined the WES Center team in October 2016. Before that, Badra has been a member of UNFTK for a while.

She holds a National Diploma in Engineering specialized in Textile Engineering. In 2012, she graduated from ISMAIK (Higher Institute of Applied Mathematics and Media) with a degree in Mathematics at the end of the preparatory cycle.

Badra sees that language mastery is a necessity, so she got the TOEIC certification in 2015 and is now trying to continue studying the Italian language.

In the meantime, Badra has learned other skills such as sewing, embroidery, the basics of Digital Marketing and the manipulation of several computer programs. She has also done professional internships with major companies such as SITEX Sousse, Acrylaine, Consomed, Aswaf El Madiouni and UNIFIL.